2023 SPONSORS as of 9/22/23

Our state championship is one of the best matches around and it is a group effort which would not be possible or continue to grow,
in our increasingly difficult political and economic climate in NJ, without the support of our sponsors, match officials, volunteers, and great competitors,
Thank you for your support!!!

Competitors will get tickets on match day (3 for the full 2700, 2 for 1800, 1 for a single 900). 
There will be bins for each drawing prize - SEE LIST BELOW - pick what you want to win!

Some prizes will be awarded during each relay,
Really BIG prizes will be drawn at the LAST relay from tickets accumulated over the entire match!

YES - we fully expect to have "Top Gun" Glock pistol certificate prizes for 2023

Please NOTE:  To be eligible for TOP-OF-CLASS gun prize, competitors must choose to compete using
the HIGHER of their applicable NRA Outdoor 3-gun class (Open or Metallic), or their CMP Match Pistol class*! 
This choice must be agreed upon before firing!

*Exceptions may be made for competitors whose CMP class has been based on .22-only matches - contact Mary

...AND one more certificate awarded in a random drawing among Leg Match participants!

If you fire .22 EIC, SP EIC, Service Revolver EIC or NRA DR, you get a chance to win!
(...Fire all four, get four chances!...)
  If you lend your Service Pistol or Revolver someone without one
to give them a chance to participate, you get an extra chance!

https://us.glock.com/ - deal for pistol prizes!

ULTRADOT - TWO drawings for 2023 - one for adults and one for JUNIORS


- two Barrel certificates

NOTE:  Bar-Sto has been donating barrels to our NJ OD Championship for at least the past 20 YEARS!

https://mantisx.com/products/mantis-x10-elite - one Mantis X10 shooting system (value $250!)

 https://accuracyx.com/ - $250 discount certificate on any new firearm
as well as hats, t-shirts, and stickers

Frank Sokolowski - TWO Trigger Shoes

One for 1911

One for Pardini


TWO 1911 Trigger Job certificates ($100 value each) - one for Top Junior, one for Top Woman!


 https://www.shopfcwguns.com/ - Marvel 22lr conversion unit FOR A JUNIOR

laser engraved with our FCW junior program marking

new for 2023 - Dick Horton Match Grips


25% discount on future order!

https://www.wideners.com/ - $100 gift certificate!

http://rozedist.com/ - two certificates for $50, plus shirts and hats

https://www.egwguns.com/ - TEN $50 gift certificates!!

http://www.starlinebrass.com - five $25 gift certificates (+ hat)! 

 https://www.brazosprecision.com/ - five $20 gift certificates! 

http://www.cjncasting.com/ - EIGHT $40 gift certificates!

http://www.redding-reloading.com/ - SIX certificates for 50% off (2 per venue!)

https://www.creedmoorsports.com/ - 3 copies of Raymond Prior's BULLSEYE MIND

Bruce Martindale - 6 copies of FEELING CENTER 

Bullseye Starter Kit (range time, rental, ammo, GFH goodies - $210 value
- https://gunforhire.com/academy/product/bullseye-starter-kit-the-perfect-holiday-gift-set-for-gun-enthusiasts )

https://tacticaltrainingcenternj.com/ - hoodie



https://www.midwayusa.com/ - a gift certificate for $25 

http://www.henryrifles.com/ - hat, mug, keychain (They used to be a NJ company!)  

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